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(Photography by Sandra Franco, Edinburgh)

Jams Edinburgh

We are getting better at juggling times, places, teachers, and coordination with other events. However sometimes we need to make quick changes! For more info and updates, please check our news page.

Our next class and jam will take place on:

Saturday, 1st February, 14:00-18:00

The jams usually start with a class which is open to all levels of
experience, though on this occasion there isn’t a class. If you’ve never done Contact Improvisation before, we strongly encourage you to attend a class, or some classes, before joining a jam. If you come to the jam without going to the class and have no experience, we would ask that you tell the facilitator/teacher that this is new for you, and spend sometime observing before you join the jam.

Times: Usually, Saturdays (with a few exceptions where we shift to Sunday). Important: Beginning with August 3, 2019, we have changed the regular schedule to 14:00 – 18:00 so that we have a more time for classes.

In a slight adjustment to the structure of our sessions, we’re now going to do the opening circle at the beginning of the class, as the class will move directly into the jam at 3.45, with no formal break. People are free to take breaks as they need them at any point.
If you’ve never been to a jam before, we strongly encourage you to attend the class first.

People arriving for the jam only are asked to wait outside the hall until 3.45.

We need to leave the building at 18:00.

In many of the jams we are accompanied by musicians doing lovely live improvisations – if you are musician and want to participate, please contact Tamsin via the address

Other Events

How to take part, in brief

The class are on a drop-in basis (no registration needed) and are usually held by a qualified contact teacher or dance teacher. If you are completely new to Contact Improvisation, you are strongly encouraged to start with a few classes  (apart from our classes, you find a selection of classes by professional dance teachers under “other classes in Edinburgh”).

The jams start with an introduction (sometimes done by contact teachers, sometimes by community members) and are open to all levels of experience. As an explanation, we are community-run group organised by volunteers, so it’s possible that on some occasions there may not be an experienced dancer or teacher present who is able to lead the warm-up into the jam. In this event, you’ll be expected to warm yourself up in whatever way feels appropriate to ensure that you settle yourself into the space, check out what you need for that day, and gradually find your way into contact with others.

Please show up on time for both class and jams – this allows to focus and do warm-up which is important to prevent injuries. It is also necessary to have time to mention (and listen) to physical limitations some people may have, to make participation safe and comfortable for everyone. We ask you not to wear chains or large earrings that could become entangled and cause injuries. Bring comfortable clothes and a plastic water bottle. We dance without shoes; during the winter, socks, wrist-warmers and a jumper are useful during the warm-up phase. Non-skid socks are great to bring!  More information for beginners here.

Please add your name to the participant list, and put your contribution to cover expenses in the box before you leave. The participant list makes it much easier to plan expenses.


The jams take place in the community hall of

North Leith Church, 1A Madeira Place,

The hall is at the right side of the church, a bit behind the iron gate. Here is how it looks (Streetview Link)

Buses 7, 10, 14, 21, 34 , and 11 go there – here the map. Or just enter “Madeira Place” into the bus journey planner.

Contributions / fees

We are a non-profit group which relies on voluntary work. The bulk of the fees is needed to cover the room costs. If you are short on money, we have a concession price. If you would like to make a small donation, please do so!

Class£ 8 / £ 5 concessions (new price beginning from August, for longer classes)

Jam: £5 / £3 concessions

Other Classes in Edinburgh

  • Out of Class – dance improvisation with music at Dance Base / Grassmarket, led by Christine Devaney, takes place about monthly (usually Sundays at 11 am).  More Info Here

Workshops in Edinburgh

Contact-related Performances in Edinburgh

More Edinburgh Resources

  • eMail List: To make it easier to inform interested people about events and keep in touch, we are using an an email list. If you want to be included, just leave your email address in our participant list we use for accounting at the jams, or send a message to
  • Facebook: Edinburgh Contact dancers maintain a FB group with name “Contact Improvisation Edinburgh”. We work together to keep this page up-to-date and have the jam calendar here.

Jams, Classes and Workshops in Glasgow

TheGlasgowJam web site, with regular contact classes and jams in Glasgow: 

All Edinburgh (and a few regional) events sorted by date

Note: Exact times and places may change, as we try to add classes – please check for updates a few days before.

Disclaimer: We do proofread but mistakes happen. If you are attending events organised by DanceBase or @TGJ, please make sure to always check the links for updated information on times, venues, fees, intended audience, and guidelines for participation.

Saturday, December 21 14:00-17:00 Edinburgh Jam North Leith Church Hall, 1A Madeira Place
Saturday, January 4 14:00-18:00 Edinburgh Class and Jam North Leith Church Hall, 1A Madeira Place
Saturday, January 18 14:00-18:00 Edinburgh Class and Jam North Leith Church Hall, 1A Madeira Place
Saturday, February 1 14:00-18:00 Edinburgh Class and Jam North Leith Church Hall, 1A Madeira Place
Saturday, February 15 14:00-18:00 Edinburgh Class and Jam North Leith Church Hall, 1A Madeira Place
Saturday, February 29 14:00-18:00 Edinburgh Class and Jam North Leith Church Hall, 1A Madeira Place

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